27 Years of Urethane Manufacturing Experience
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 Tri-Urethane Manufacturing Inc. has been in business since 1988 primarily engaged in custom molded polyurethane products as well as roll and wheel coverings. Using a wide array of polyether and polyester based polyurethanes we can provide you with accurate and appropriate formulations for all of your demanding applications. We supply polyurethane in durometers from 10 Shore A up to 75 Shore D in any of our 11 standard colors.

Over the years we have consistently provided our customers with the custom and critical polyurethane parts they require by reinvesting in newer processing technology and available materials. Above all Tri-Urethane Manufacturing Inc employees continually enhance their expertise in order to provide you and your needs with solutions that work.

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Our Commitment to Quality

Whether we manufacture 1 part our thousands of parts, our strict in-house quality control as well as those by our raw material suppliers remains constant. We follow strict protocols beginning in the preparation stages and completing the job with a final inspection before shipment. Our goal is to provide peace of mind to our customer through reducing downtime, lowering maintenance cost and improving efficiency with high quality polyurethane product.